About ALC

Established in 1996, Atlanta Logistics Corporation (ALC) offers fully integrated logistics services. Our company is a single source for all your shipping management needs. We focus on providing personalized, quality services to all our customers. Our goal is to provide a complete logistics solution that results in a high level of customer satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that we are taking care of your shipments.

ALC takes the responsibility for carrier selection, rate negotiations, shipment dispatch, tracking, billing and monthly freight management reports. By handling all of these activities for you, it allows your focus to be on the growth of your business.

If shipping is not your specialty, doesn't it make sense to outsource the responsibility of managing your shipments to the professionals at ALC? The ALC team is committed to your success. Your freight is important, our number one priority and the reason we are here.

We attribute the success of our business to experience and talented professionals. With industry experience and a winning attitude, we will do whatever it takes to earn your business and respect.

Business Practices

Atlanta Logistics Corporation offers a no hassle shipping program for your company. Historically, third party logistics companies have been considered problematic, however we are different. We always engage in ethical business practices.

We are licensed by the FHSA and maintain cargo coverage as required by our operating authority. Contracts are only offered to our customers that request them. We want you to have the freedom to use other alternatives if ALC is not what we promise. Our knowledge and experience with the customer, shipper and the carrier gives us the ability to protect the interest of everyone involved. We pride ourselves on maintaining great professional relationships!

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